D4LA, Prompted Research (Closed)

A well-guarded library off-limits to outsiders
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D4LA, Prompted Research (Closed)

Post by Shika Nesshin » Thu Aug 12, 2021 2:37 pm

Having run some few other errands, Nesshin dries off and trots down to the library, meaning to look for any connections between Shika Muneyaki and any Shosuro. Being known to the guards, having stood that post on occasion, he should be admitted without trouble, although doubtlessly with some good-natured ribbing. He's done that often enough, himself.

Muneyaki's a woodsman, he thinks, so that'd be the place to start, and Nesshin guides his steps through the arcane cervid archival cataloguing to...nothing.

Cannot find a damned thing.

Still, it's peaceful amid the stacks, and Nesshin finds himself feeling somewhat refreshed for his search.

Research roll https://sakkaku.org/rolls/702, failed at 1Success symbol1Opportunity symbol; spending Opp to remove 2 Strife
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