D12EM, Remedial Education 4 (Closed)

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Re: D12EM, Remedial Education 4 (Closed)

Post by Shika Nesshin » Thu Sep 09, 2021 11:00 am

"No, Shika-jodai!"

Nesshin snaps a bow and makes his /exit.
Kaikoga nee Shika Nesshin
Male Deer Clan Gamekeeper / Security Personnel
Glory 42; Honor 36; Status 41
Profile here: http://kyudenshika.fallenash.com/viewto ... 80&start=4
Normally in traveling clothes with a blue-and-gold obi, carrying a wakizashi, a fancy damned fan, and an omamori; carries a tsunoyari outside, too; carries a tsunoyari and wears ashigaru armor on watch, too; has trinkets, etc. at most times

Starting D1, has a silver and purple ribbon tied to his obi, as well.
D9, has a broom in hand and bandages on his hands.
D10-12, has a small whisk broom also thrust through his obi.
D11+, has a second fan.

Playful, irrepressibly flirtatious, blessed by Benten, blessed in lineage. Often smells of cedar.

Courtship Points: 31

"You look lost. Let me show you the way to something nice."

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